Lang Tube Tec Pipe questionnaire

The following questionnaire should be completed to give us a better understanding of your requirements and the production range you intend to cover with the machine.
According this information we will submit you a detailed machine quotation including all necessary bending tools and accessories.
Lang Tube Tec Pipe questionnaire
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D Tube outside diameter D = mm
S Wall thickness S = mm
R Bending radius C.L.R. R = mm
a Bending angle in ° max. a = °max
L Straight length L = mm
L2 Straight length between 2bends L2 L2 = mm
Type of tube (precision steel, boiler tube, railing tubes acc. DIN standards
Material: Steel , Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Titanium, Inconel
Approx. Number of pieces to be produced per day
In case you intend to bend very complex parts with no straight length between two bends please add a drawing of the part to be bent or a sketch.