Miller Sales and Technical Services is a North American distributor and
service provider with a high level of expertise for technical products
that are manufactured in Germany.

Lang Tube Tec Electric tube
benders CNC-E

Fully electric tube benders are the right answer to continuously tighter bend radia (0,7 x OD), constantly thinner wall thickness and new materials for exhaust systems, not only for the automotive, but also the truck exhaust systems.

Also the aircraft industry focuses on this technology.

- By 65% reduced energy consumption

- No oil leakage or danger of floor contamination

- Drastically reduced noise level (<75dBA)

- Highest accuracy and repeatability as well as simultaneous movement of several axes

- Automatic part change as all set-up parameters are stored together with the respective part data
- Optimized diagnosis by storage of all axes positions - - and drive values

- Single or multi-stack

- Free-form bending and transport boost

- Automatic change of bending direction
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