Miller Sales and Technical Services is a North American distributor and
service provider with a high level of expertise for technical products
that are manufactured in Germany.

Lang Tube Tec Services and support

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Markus Miller
Cell 561 403 6433

Spare and replacement parts

Important spare parts or respective replacement parts are stored in a well sorted inventory or readily available with our cooperation partners.

Repair service

Our well experienced specialists are trained in localization of errors and their quick trouble shooting. Use of our well trained specialists compared to your own maintenance staff in most cases pays-off already the first time.

Preventive maintenance / service agreements

We all know about the explosiveness of just in time production and reduction of down time. The best answer to this is a perfectly planned preventive maintenance, so that there won’t be any downtime. A service agreement with fixed maintenance intervals is the optimum solution. Just talk to us.

Machine relocation

Constant globalization and going along with that adaptation to new production facilities requires also relocation of complete production installations. We are competent partners for every type of relocation, new installation and start-up of Lang tube benders and bending cells.

Machine rebuilds / Controls upgrade and refurbishment

The robust design of all Lang tube benders assures a very long use of the machine. However new customer requirements might necessitate technical modification. In a lot of cases a machine rebuilt or refurbishment is cheaper than purchase of a new machine. The control system is subject to an extremely quick further development cycle and use of a new software release might no longer be sufficient. Also after 10 years often a lot of components for old control systems are no longer available. In this case just have a controls upgrade done. We are more than happy to recommend you the best economic solution.

Training for operators, maintenance staff and controls engineers

Most of you all know how important good training is for a trouble free use of machinery. In case of purchase of new machines inclusion of training courses goes without saying. But what happens in case this well trained staff leaves the company or moves to another job, then booking of a training course in house at Lang or in your facility is good way to assure a trouble free production process.

Prototyping, part development and small part runs.

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