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Lang Tube Tec
Hybrid CNC controlled tube benders CNC-H

Specially in applications for ship building, offshore, chemical and power plant industry are often used pipes with a big wall thickness. This is the right field for tube benders of the CNC-H series. They are extremely robust, but can also be perfectly controlled. As the upper areas of application often require just a single piece production, these benders are provided with a lot of features and optimization for quick tool change.

- Single or multi-stack

- CNC control system

- MMI Multicontrol 2030

- Automatic central lubrication

- Controlled pressure die boost

- Free-form bending option

- Transport boost
- Automatic mandrel lubrication

- Wiper die lubrication

- Multiple clamp die changer

- Quick change for mandrel

- Quick change for collet clamps

- Automatic tool changer for multi-stack tooling
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