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Lang Tube Tec

Bending solutions for the aircraft-, ship building-, automotive-, truck- and furniture industry.

Tube and pipe diameters from 12 to 350 mm and wall thickness up to 20 mm are processed for the different industrial applications. Lang Tube Tec will have a solution for every part to be manufactured.

Since end of 2009 the new formed company “Lang Tube Tec GmbH” is member of the Schulz Group and thus even more capable for supply of a huge variety of equipment for industrial tube processing.

The main products are:

CNC controlled tube bending machines, such as

- All electric CNC-E benders

- Hybrid, heavy duty CNC-H benders

- Low budget CNC benders

- Fully automatic tube bending cells

Excellent service and support is the key to customer satisfaction

Lang Tube Tec has proven to perfectly use this key


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Bending solutions for the aircraft industry.
Bending solutions for the ship building industry.
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