Miller Sales and Technical Services is a North American distributor and
service provider with a high level of expertise for technical products
that are manufactured in Germany.


  • Machine Repair and Maintenance

  • Advanced NC-PLC Programming

  • Commissioning of equipment

  • Spare parts and Preventative Maintenance

  • Equipment Installation, Retrofit, Training

  • Controls Troubleshooting

  • Continuous Process Improvement

  • Service available on a 24/7 basis

  • PLC and CNC Upgrades and Modifications

  • Siemens and Beckhoff CNC

  • Omron, Beckhoff and Siemens PLC

  • New Business Development

  • Overall Program Management

  • Change Management and Strategic Planning

  • Intellectual Property Development

  • Cost Reduction Initiatives

  • Product and Process Design/ Development

  • Operational Performance Improvement
    (Kaizen, Lean)

  • Problem Resolution (Design/Process/Quality)

  • Customer Value Management & Value Engineering

  • Team Formation & Development
    Training Workshops

  • Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Claims

Miller Sales and Technical Services Inc. Cell 561 403 6433, Email: